The entire story of Team Rox.

The Early Days

In April 2014 there were 3 groups Yellowware (Being owned by Allen) , GboyCrew (Being owned by George) & Ciaran Army (Being owned by Ciaran)

Yellowware developed software, Gboycrew developed games & Ciaran Army got bored.

Ciaran had the sudden realization that maybe it was because the groups had part of there screennames in it was the reason why nobody wanted to join.

and so Ciaran felt that the three groups were dying, and when somone asked: "Why don't you just create your own group?", he replied: "Anyone can have a group with a name, but I don't want the group to be "mine and mine only". I want to make a community."

After a lot of planning, Ciaran decided to make a group named "Team Rox". Eventually, The Gboycrew and Yellowware merged with it, and added to it's community.

The group didn't really have much of a purpose, other than being a place to just hang out and help others.

The idea caught on, and eventually, Team Rox's community grew to quite a substancial size

The Growth

In August 2015 Team Rox even had a livestream event where the members would announce new YouTube shows they were planning, new Indie Games they were developing, and new equipment they were getting.

Team Rox changed it's name a couple times such as "Roxrare" or Rox" but then decided to stick to Team Rox.

Team Rox had a long silence at late 2015, huge projects run by the top developers were canceled such as "Dark Realms II", "Dakari" & Flamekart and it seemed that Team Rox would be disbanded.

In March 2016, Team Rox silence ended, the group got it's own Discord server, causing old members of what seemed as a forgotten concept returned.

Team Rox had another silence as the presidents were all working on huge projects but it was the day when Ciaran's huge project was delayed for months he decided to revive the discord server.

New projcts were being prepared such as Indie Critics for the full revival of Team Rox.

In June 2017 there were huge changes, Team Rox reached 100 members but one of three founders, Yellowwinner left, and RoboGeek was elected 2nd President of Team Rox & T3 would occur.

The Rise

Team Rox had a downfall bigger than any other, presidents were being switched around like crazy, staff were elected bias because they were friends of the presidents and many old members would leave because of spam.

Ciaran, RoboGeek and other loyal staff couldn't let this carry on and so with enough votes Bias staff were removed, the new presidents were impeached and the old presidents fixed everything. (many of the old members joined back)

At the start on December the first elections ended leaving Ciaran and RoboGeek as presidents but brang Danielle replacing Palodia's Role.