The Film Maker

CiaranPixelzTGreetings, My name is Ciaran Dakin-Watson and I was born in Norwich, Norfolk, I have many hobbies, in which I would consider film-making to be my favourite hobby. I started making short films on platforms like "YouTube" around March 2013, I also manage a diverse online community which I founded. It develops games and art projects, and so I have good experience with game development and coding HTML websites.

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The Music Man

Palodia1Ello lad, I'm PalodiaPrime. I'm a British teen that spends too much time on their computer. I'm mainly a hobbyist musician who makes video game music. Currently I'm making original songs and remixes of the "Undertale" soundtrack. I've done music (both original and unoriginal) for numerous "Undertale" fan-games, such as "Undertale: Don't Forget", "Primus: Underfell", "Team Switched's Underswap". I'm also decent at video editing.

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